Memory Foam Mattress

It is a product of NASA’s research which was further developed by a European company. It is now manufactured in several countries. Memory foam sleep products have become highly popular in all advanced countries because of its high sensitivity to body temperature and its ability to take the body profile thereby relieving pressure points on the body and providing firm body support. We are now manufacturing several high end products using memory foam. They are as follows:

Comfor Pedic

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It consists of a 2 inch layer of Memory Foam pasted on a high density Rubberised Coir block and covered with high quality luxurious tapestry cloth with attractive quilting. It gives the benefits of memory foam and the extra support of rubberized coir

Memory Ultra Spring

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It consists of a Bonnel Spring Panel on either side of which a high density rubberized coir sheet is fixed. This is enclosed in a stretchable luxurious fabric over which a high density super soft Polyurethane Foam Sheet is laid and on this a 2 inch memory foam block is fixed and then it is covered with the same cloth and a layer of quilted fabric. This gives an impression of two mattresses with a common beading.

Ultra spring is our version of Eurotop mattress which is very popular in western countries. It is a highly attractive and comfortable product with all the health benefits of memory foam.

Memory Classic Foam

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It is a combination of 3 types of foam namely the bonded foam, polyurethane foam and Memory foam. The foam block is covered with quilted knitted fabric. This construction ensures comfort, luxury and health benefits.